How To Stop Or Avoid Bullying Online

With the growing trend of using social media platforms, cyber bullying is also increasing. The rate of online bullying is not declining; instead, the graph is going on the upside. A large number of teens are daily being harassed online, and the majority of them are hesitant to share with their parents.

Being a social worker, I consider it my responsibility to share some tips to help you avoid bullying online. Stopping this problem is very important in our society; otherwise, it could be devastating for the youth.

Tips To Avoid Online Bullying

Follow these basic steps to keep yourself away from bullying

?️‍?️ Educate Yourself

You must know what could be the possible sources of bullying. Discuss with your friends what they have experienced. Attend informative seminars that will tell you how you can deal with such situations. Read articles about this on the internet; you should know how to avoid it.

?️‍?️ Do Whatever You Can

If some person is bullying you online, do whatever you can do to prevent yourself. Fortunately, most social media platforms allow you to block or report the person who is bullying you. If the bully is harassing you through text or comments, then block that person immediately. If you are receiving threats of physical harm, then it is time to call the local police. Keep your safety a priority.

?️‍?️ Never Use Public Computers

You should try your best to avoid using public computers to access your personal accounts. If you have to use then make sure to log out from the device and remove the credentials left. You should also not save the password on public devices as it will give the open opportunity to bullies to misuse your data.

Ensure Your Privacy

Be very careful about your privacy and protect your social media accounts as much as you can. Bullies can target public accounts very easily, allowing them to use your personal information and pictures. Make sure to keep everything private and never publicize your location. It is better only to allow trusted friends to see your profile.

Stand Up For Bullied Person

If you see someone in your community who is being bullied, it is your duty to stand up for them. Make them feel like you are with them. And if possible, talk with some authoritative community. This is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of; instead, you should confidently speak up with the authority figure. You should show the bully about its weakness and cowardice.

?️‍?️ Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

As you connect your phone or tablet with public Wi-Fi, hackers got access to your credentials. They can easily steal your data and then blackmail you through your private information or photos.

?️‍?️ Save The Proof

Online bullying allows you to save the evidence of the person’s misbehave on your phone. Just capture that and save it properly; this will help you show the evidence to the authoritative figure while complaining about him.

Bullying is not at all acceptable, and it’s not your fault! So, don’t feel shame in sharing and reporting your bullying story!

Short Introduction:

I’m Saba Qayyum- I am a writer by profession and a social worker by choice. Devoting my today and tomorrow to social welfare is my passion.