How To Stop Bullying

How to stop Bullying?

Bullying is deliberately misused of the power in any relationships through social, physical, and verbal behavior that tend to cause social, physical, and psychological harm. Bullying can also be personal and online (National Centre Against Bullying). According to the Centers for Disease Control, bullying is about determining the school’s preventative, intervention, and legal efforts.

In 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Education data, about 32% of the students in the school being reported bullying at some point, and about 8% of students avoided the place for being at school out of fear (Anderson, 2012).

The central aspect of stopping bullying is to build a positive school climate. It is essential to strengthen the relationship and focus on building community, understanding life experiences, and identity differences. Researches show that the best way to stop bullying is the data collection about young people’s experiences in school. Data collection help to find out the experience of students and to make proper measurements (Anderson, 2012).

If the parents or family noticed any sign of bullying, they have to listen and talk to them about it. The steps to stop online bullying is that to identify the character of bullying, take proper action to stop bullying, don’t respond to the bully, save the evidence and also block the bully on the online platform, getting the help of outsiders such as trustworthy people, contact the law enforcement for the severe bullying, avoid sharing personal information on such platform where everyone can see, apply the parental lock app on your devices. Preventative measures and proper privacy can only stop online bullying. The online bullying is very difficult to control but it can be control by different law enforcement organizations.

According to research, 25% of bullying decreased in the intervention group due to proper communication and anti-bullying school policy (Fekkes, 2006).

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